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ProChop In-Season Pitching Program

Improve Your Results With Our In-Season Pitching Training

About the In-Season Throwing Program

The ProChop In-Season Pitching Program is a low intent focused program for middle school, high school, and college players. This program combines a kinetic sequenced program with a high impact based movement plan. Led by our-highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, this program is individualized and designed to improve mechanics, mobility and overall pitching health, within season management plans.

Train to Be Game Ready

Benefits of the ProChop In-Season Pitching Program:

  • Individualized focused
  • Training focused on execution
  • Development focused on game-ready progression
  • Monitoring to showcase progress and to make necessary adjustments
  • Low impact with high intent

What You Get With The ProChop In-Season Pitching Program

  • Short, individualized sessions (weekends)
  • A customized approach to your skill set
  • Video and data analysis from our staff to better understand your current status and what areas you need to work on
  • Constant communication with our certified trainers
Pre Assessment Form for ProChop Training

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