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Baseball Development Insight


Advance forward in your baseball development with the right insight. Our data-based training uses technology and tools to get a comprehensive evaluation of players abilities and trends.

ProChop’s Data-Based Training:

  • Slow-motion video to understand what the body is doing and where energy is going.
  • Compare and sort data to show player comparisons and averages.
  • Bio-mechanic sensor capture — feedback training, kinematic sequence analysis, functional swing plane, bat path analysis.
  • Get all swing data and personal reports that show charts, graphs and strike zone heat maps.
  • ProChop analysis screening to show any deficiencies in the body that are limiting production or could potentially lead to injury.
  • Get all pitch data and personal reports that show charts, graphs and strike zone heat maps.
  • Ability for overlays for better design setup.

ProChop Analysis Screening

All players go through a mobility and range of motion assessment.

  • Biomechanical Capture. All players (on-site) will have biomechanical sensors attached to them to capture their natural baseball motion.
  • Hitting Data. Players hit Batting Practice with advanced sensors. All data is transferred to the ProChop database for documentation and review.
  • Pull Down Velocity. All players and pitchers do pulldowns “crow hop” to get their peak athletic velocity.
  • Pitching Data. Pitchers throw a bullpen with advanced sensors and technology.
  • Reporting and Analysis. All data and metrics collected and is then aggregated to show player trends, comparisons and percentiles is every area assessed.
Pre Assessment Form for ProChop Training

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