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Build Your Own Pitching Program

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Build Your Own Pitching Program 

There are many pieces to the puzzle when working towards improving an athlete’s pitching performance. This requires different drill segments and covers multiple disciplines integrated into one cohesive pitching program. At ProChop Training, we offer athletes a complete comprehensive program that helps develop pitcher’s to become better versions of themselves. 

But we know that some athletes may not be ready or able to work with us directly at this time, so that is why we developed our Build Your Own Pitching Program that helps players develop their own plan on their own terms

What’s In The Program

Athletes will be provided with the following:

  • How to Design Your Warm-up
  • Selecting the Right Throwing Drills
  • How to Structure Training Day Intensity and Volumes
  • How to Plan Phases and Periodization
  • How to Design Your Cool Down
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