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ProChop Training Facilities

ProChop Training utilizes multiple facilities to help build better baseball athletes. At the core of our training is the Genesee Fieldhouse which boasts a whopping 68,000 sq ft of turfed area which allows for fielding, hitting, pitching, log toss, speed + agility and more. The Fieldhouse has a batting cage with Jugs pitching machine, multiple hitting stations with jugs machines, two full size mounds plus multiple pitching training stations.

We also use The SportsDeck facility which boasts two cages for hitting/pitching with mounds and Hack Attack machine, plus a robust plyo wall for plyo ball throws and med ball rotational work.

For smaller groups, one-on-one work and isolated training, we use the ProChop Cave which boasts two hitting stations, two plyo ball stations, band/strap stations, a mound station and a strength station. At all of our facilities we utilize Diamond Kinetics technology, Pocket Radar Technology, Rapsodo systems, ProPlayAI biomechanical analysis, high speed cameras, Baseball Cloud software and various other technologies.

Every workout is tracked, recorded and analyzed to make sure every athlete that trains with ProChop Training is improving. Our commitment to player advancement is at the core of what we do and research + testing is consistent and ongoing.

Genesee Fieldhouse

Facilities: Training at the Fieldhouse in Grand Blanc, MI

The SportsDeck

ProChop Cave