For years, baseball has been a traditional sport with its fundamentals merely passed down from generation to generation. Youth baseball players and their parents have often suffered faulty advice. Now in the digital age, there is a revolution brewing. Many fundamentals previously thought to be indisputable are now routinely viewed as poor advice. Science, data and focused baseball training are helping shape a new breed of better baseball players.

Video Motion Analysis Success

ProChop Training is here to make sure that you, the player, are on the path to success. Advanced Scientific Solutions are critical in the progression of baseball instruction and the development of baseball players. Through the use of computers, mobile devices, software, video, high-speed cameras and digital 3D models — the ability to teach the game has progressed more in the last five years than it did in the first 100 years.

We have employed various technologies — video motion analysis (VMA) in particular — and are quickly becoming industry leaders by studying and BETA testing the latest products for video analysis.

At ProChop Training, we have been providing advanced science and data based instruction for years. We have privately helped baseball players fine-tune their game through the use of VMA. Our proven, individualized training gives our clients an extra edge on the field and helps build continued success in the game of baseball.