Jim Kosmerick

CEO/Senior Director
Pitching + Team Program Development

Jim Kosmerick is the founder of the Michigan Braves organization and CEO, Senior Director of Pitching and Team Program Development at ProChop Training. A combination of his unique ability to breakdown the mechanics of baseball players for all ages and his understanding of the importance of technology in training, Jim has instructed thousands over his 27 year career as a baseball trainer and coach. Jim has aided in the development of hundreds of college players, dozens of scholarship-level college athletes, and 19 MLB draft picks. In addition to his in-person training, Jim leads ProChop Training’s remote programs which provide online and technology focused data based development with elite high school, college, and professional baseball players. 

Jim holds certifications from Doyle Baseball Academy, USA Baseball, Driveline, ProChop Training (Data Focused Coaching) as well as database focused certifications including Python and Pitchf/x.