The ProChop Vision


There is a resistance that wants to contain the limits of your spirit and your belief in your ability to fight. This resistance is the status quo. Baseball is a practice of fighting the resistance, the will to not assimilate to the status norm. Baseball will allow you to become the best version of yourself – but you will have to develop the warrior mindset to do so. Every pitch, every play, every game, every season is a struggle in the journey – a journey to continue to develop. Baseball is a struggle. The #ProChopWarrior brings their best effort at every moment and seeks out the struggle.

Develop the mindset of a #ProChopWarrior


When you play on the field, it is you vs. them. Who is the one competing with full-hearted intent? The dominant athlete is a ProChop Warrior. The ProChop Warrior is calm, present, aware of his surroundings, poised, because he has planned for this day. The ProChop Warrior is confident, hungry, determined and patient. He is in control, in pursuit, ready to ambush, ready with intent. He is dangerous because he has a focused mission. His training prepared him for today. He is ready to unleash the #onslaught

Stay determined to unleash the #onslaught


We don’t fear failure. It is our ability to bounce back from failure and defeat that will determine our success in future battles. We call it #resilience —  It’s what keeps us pushing on through the challenge. ProChop Warriors are mentally tough with a growth mindset and will showcase #resilience 

Go forward with #resilience


ProChop Warriors will approach every opportunity with intent. We will always: 

  • Swing Fast
  • Swing Hard
  • Throw Hard
  • Move Fast 

Have purpose and be #readywithintent