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Baseball Training


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The video analysis program is an extension of the ProChop Training Online Academy. With this feature, we offer players the opportunity to send in their hitting or pitching video and get detailed feedback from one of our skilled, professional coaches.

When it comes to your swing or pitching mechanics, our video analysis program will deliver a personalized review with drill recommendations and practice techniques.

Video analysis will allow us to:

  • View and analyze skills in slow motion.
  • Visually communicate what is happening now and how the technique can be modified.
  • Compare movement before and after or against another techniques.
  • Have a side by side comparison.
  • See the positives in your technique and build from those positives.

With ProChop Training Video Analysis, you will receive a clear understanding of what needs to be improved and how to do it.
Using your phone, tablet device, or digital camera take a video of yourself performing the action you want ProChop Training to help you with. Make sure you take video from the side angle vs. head on. Make sure the camera is in portrait mode and on the opposite side per your throwing arm or hitting swing. (see image).

Sign up for your ProChop Training account. You will be redirected to a payment portal after you sign up.
Pay for your online analysis package. Make sure your payment is processed. We cannot evaluate until payment is received.
A link to upload your video will be provided after payment. Upload the video to our web-based online link and tag it for review.

Using data based markup tools, a ProChop Training coach will examine your video and provide analysis of your mechanics.
Like your evaluation? You will then be given a chance to sign up for our monthly training package. Our ProChop Training staff will provide you with a custom training plan to focus on your specific needs.

Monthly membership includes direct access to a ProChop Training coach where you can ask questions and review your progress through data based information.

Pre Assessment Form for ProChop Training

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