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Power Hitting Program

Improve With Hitting Focused Training

About the Power Resilience Hitting Program

ProChop Power Hitting was created to fit our player development model of incorporating industry-best baseball technology into the education of our players in a more focused setting. This is done by using baseball technology to collect and analyze player data, developing a player plan based on observed strengths and weaknesses, followed by targeting a specific area to work on using action steps that are worked on until the desired goal is met before moving to the next area for growth.

Train to Mash the Baseball

Benefits of the ProChop Power Resilience Hitting Program:

  • Increase bat speed – advanced overload/underload training combined with efficient mechanical instruction.
  • Boost exit velocity – improve movement patterns to help for more consistent, harder contact.
  • Improved Bat Path – adjustments in approach allow for training to translate into consistent damage done in games.
  • Video Analysis – analysis to help create sustained improvement.
  • Data-Driven – focused on analytical processes that provide instant feedback. We track exit velocity, bat speed, spin rate, distance, and launch angle.

What You Get With The ProChop Power Resilience Hitting Program

  • A customized day-to-day program
  • Video and data analysis from our staff to better understand your current status and what areas you need to work on
  • Constant communication with our certified trainers
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