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Focused Pitching Development



Today, pitchers are throwing more and they are throwing at higher velocities. Yet, too many pitchers at all levels either treat their pre-throwing or warmup routine like a hassle, they rush through a free online template or simply don’t do it properly. We know as pitchers increase their throwing volume, they can be more at risk for injury without the proper techniques and the arm care needed for such workloads. In addition to proper mechanics and functional strength, athletes must perform focused and specialized arm care to not only allow for increased workloads, but also to remain injury-free. 

The ProChop Activation system prepares pitchers for the intense and repetitive motions involved in pitching. Numerous studies have shown that improper activation can hinder a pitcher’s performance and can cause the shoulder, elbow, scapular region and other connected areas to become more vulnerable to injury. Using our dynamic activation system specifically designed for pitchers, athletes now can warm up properly before a throwing session or a game and promote arm health while enhancing their pitching skillset.  

The ProChop Activation Program fits within the Pre-Throw routine and involves the following sequenced steps:

  • Breathing + Mind Reset
  • Foam Rolling
  • Mobility (Dynamic)
  • Movement (Dynamic) 
  • Band Engagement 
  • ProChop Activation


Spring 2024


Secure your spot for exclusive updates, pre-sale access, and a front row seat to the evolution of the advance activation for pitchers. The ProChop Activation Bundle and ProChop Training Activation App will be available soon! 

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