At ProChop Training, a division of the Michigan Braves, we are focused on improving baseball athletes through proper training, professional insight and scientific technique.

When it comes to pitching, this is one of the most violent physical aspects in baseball. Human arms are not designed to throw overhand. The pitcher’s arm is one of the fastest moving parts in all of sports. It is important to make sure in pitching that the arm functions properly and that a pitcher’s mechanics are correct and in sync, otherwise injury could and most likely will happen.

Question: are you a player, parent or coach giving advice by just sitting back and eye-balling delivery? Did you know that eyeballing the fastest human motion in sports results in a LOT of guessing. You can usually correct the really obvious faults by eyeballing, but the only way to make sure your pitcher is living up to his potential is through video analysis.

The ProChop Training program Pitching Biomechanics Analysis has proven time and time again to be the MOST VALUABLE TOOL to help pitchers learn exactly how to stay healthy, repeat the CORRECT MECHANICS and in most cases, gain velocity. Our proven Pitching Biomechanics Analysis program allows us to be able to professionally slow down your entire delivery, the most complex and fastest human motion in all of sports, so we can accurately analyze each and every part. You’ll get a side-by-side voice over analysis comparing your delivery to the correct visual pitching segments. This will show exactly which adjustments and improvements—specific to you—should be made to help make a boost in velocity, improve control, and reduce the risk of injury.