Why ProChop Online Hitting?

We know that for a lot of hitters who want to train, it’s difficult to attend cookie cutter facilities who have limited open time slots with sudo-professionals. Some players want to train on their own time, with their own equipment at the location of their choice, be it at home or at a facility.

That’s why we’ve developed ProChop Online Hitting.

Hitters have their own unique swing flaws, their own specific areas for improvement, and the need for a more personalized training program. And they want to train using today’s advanced technology. Welcome to your personalized online training program.

Intuitive Solutions

ProChop Training online hitters use the same app technology that top amateurs and professionals use to share video, log workouts and connect with our training staff.

Our online training is designed to work with the needs of your busy schedule. What’s the point of training if you cannot do it on your time? Athletes looking to get more out of their season choose ProChop Training’s Online Hitting program for its ability to connect technology with online services and mobile apps that provide a comprehensive training history so players can help develop and adjust week after week, month after month, year after year.

Strength Training Included

Maybe your issues are not solved with a mechanical fix. We know that physical limitations can lead to mechanical issues. That’s why we create both a strength and hitting program that fits with your practice schedule, so you can ensure that both your batting practice and weight room training are as effective as possible.

What You Get With The ProChop Online Hitting Program

  • A customized day-to-day program from warm up to drill work to recovery work
  • Video analysis from our staff to better understand your current status and what areas you need to work on
  • Online communication with one of our certified trainers